Thursday , July 2nd 2020
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Product Features:

    The Only Bag You'll Ever Want For All Your Diaper Changing Needs.Let's face it, public changing stations are no fun for anyone.And carrying around all your diaper essentials makes your bag clunky. Not to mention it's a nightmare finding everything you need.You'll be searching for ages while your little…
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Product Description

The Only Bag You’ll Ever Want For All Your Diaper Changing Needs.

Let’s face it, public changing stations are no fun for anyone.

And carrying around all your diaper essentials makes your bag clunky. Not to mention it’s a nightmare finding everything you need.

You’ll be searching for ages while your little bundle of joy starts crying, a combination that gives you a headache.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your solution. With our baby changing pad, you’ll have everything in one place.

Our pad has numerous pockets & straps to fit in all the essentials. That means you’ll always have enough diapers on hand to avoid disasters.

You’ll have wipes ready when you need them.

Hand sanitizer, extra clothes & plastic bags all in one place.

Also let’s not forget, none of this will go in your regular bag! That mean’s no more having to scrounge around for necessary tools.

Within seconds our intuitive pad folds out.

You’ll have enough space to make sure your little angel never comes in contact with the nasty surface.

Clean up is just as easy. With Waterproof PEVA inner lining, nothing will ever stick.

Carrying our diaper changing machine is also simple. The light-weight design works well hanging off your stroller or being carried by the handle.

It’s a must-have when you’re out and about at the mall, parks or just getting some groceries done. Did we also mention how amazing it is for flights?

Get yourself some much-needed convenience.

Product Features

  • 🚼 HAVE EVERYTHING IN ONE PLACE FOR DIAPER DUTY – Fit in diapers, wipes, clothes, & more using our additional pockets as well as the elastic straps. Store all your essentials together without having to carry them separately so you can focus your time and attention on your baby. We even added a bonus silicone diaper rash cream brush to keep your hands fresh all day.
  • ⏳ A MUST HAVE WHEN YOU’RE OUT & ABOUT – Our simple yet effective fold-out pad gets your personal changing station ready in seconds. You can attach our lightweight bag to your stroller or carry by handle making errands hassle-free.
  • 👶 KEEP YOUR BABY SAFE FROM ANY UNPLEASANT DIRT AND GERMS – Who knows what kind of germs are lurking about on public changing stations? Our spacious fold-out design makes sure no part of your baby even comes close to contacting the dirty surface. A safe and clean baby is a happy baby.
  • 🛡️ BUILT FOR EVERYDAY USE – Our outer layer is a tough 420d polyester keeping your bag & valuables safe from any mishaps. Our PEVA waterproof inner lining makes sure any mess is easy to clean up with a quick and simple wipe so you can go about with your activities. You can even use it at home to protect your furniture and carpet or hardwood flooring.
  • 💖 DIAPER BAGS NEVER LOOK THIS GOOD – With our custom star pattern, no one will ever guess what you’re carrying is a diaper changing pad. Have all your supplies on you & still rock a unique style wherever you go.